The success of a work of art has more to do with how we see, the way we think, what we feel, and our ability to manage those things than anything we do on canvas.

Christopher Gallego teaches technique, observation, and the mental game of painting in private classes in your home, studio or via Skype & FaceTime.

Tutorials are geared toward advanced painters and career women and men who came to painting as adults and who are committed to their art.

Classes are designed for advanced students, semi-professional, and professionals.

From a Recent Blog Post

“No one, not even a master painter, sees the world quite right.

We’re continually duped by helpful illusions that allow us to navigate our environment but stubbornly work against our attempts to draw or paint a picture.

That little bit of visual bias living inside you loves to make mischief, usually at the worst possible time.

It’s important to know it’s there, embrace it,
and then learn the techniques to override it.”

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